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Prepare to enter the world of Industry 5.0, the turning point between humans and machines.

With the Industrial Revolution 4.0 increasing efficiency in industries by using technologies and systems, the importance of human beings has been overlooked. is an important new step in the future in which humans and robots will be able to work together more Humans are responsible for the creative work, while the repetitive and risky manual

Blood Transport Cooler, medical blood box, international standard

Blood filling is necessary. and important to the medical care of the patient’s life The temperature of the blood should be maintained no more than 10 °C at every step in order to maintain the properties of the blood cells. When patients need blood Temperature and transport time must be controlled. From venipuncture until the

Endmill, a small drill designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, showcased at Metalex 2022.

Ecco (Thai) Co., Ltd. Importer and distributor of chemicals, packaging and industrial drill bits. Raise affiliated products to be exhibited at Metalex 2022 on 16-19 November at BITEC Bangna, Bangkok. At this event, products such as end mills, small drill bits, chemicals and industrial packaging were exhibited that responded to elevate productivity quickly. and precision